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Engine Components
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  • Why Replace my Cambelt?
    - You must replace your cambelt to avoid huge expense and possible engine failure.

  • What is a Cambelt?
    - A rubber or Nitrile toothed belt that is designed to keep the Camshaft(s) and cranksahft in timing.
  • When should I replace this?
    - Email us or phone us with the make, model, year and milage and we will advise you on this.
  • What other components inside the cambelt covers or general area should I be aware of?

    - Bearings - All cambelts rely on bearings to keep them guided and in most times tensioned correctly. When we dismantle the front of your engine we check there very carefully and phone you with a GST inclusive cost to replace them.

    - Auto Tensioners. If your vehicle runs this system of cambelt tensioning we always advise this be replaced. Generally included in our quote.

    - Oil Seals - behind all camshaft, balanceshafts, oil pumps and cranshaft gears, there si an oil seal. Oil on cambelts soon causes the belts to rot and fail prematurely. Ask us for a price to replace your seals!!!

  • Waterpumps. This compenent is sometimes driven by the cambelt and usually always requires removal of the cambelt to replace - even if driven by an auxiliary belt. Any sign of leakage or noise would indicate replacement required.
    Please note: Unless there is an obvious fault, water pump life cannot be guaranteed. You may decide to replace this along with your cambelt for which we would be happy to quote.
  • Drive Belts. These belts run auxiliary components, e.g. alternator, power steering, air conditioning and sometimes water pump. In most cases cambelt replacement requires removal of all drive belts, thus making inspection for worn or damaged belts easy. If required, new drive belts can be fitted on reassembly.
    Please note: If new drive belts are fitted they may require readjustment due to stretching, causing an obvious squealing noise usually when cold. The readjustment will be carried out at no charge.


Electronic cambelt tensioning guage
tensioning a Mazda twin cam.

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